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Carreras, British Costumes 1927 -  - stock photo so you can identify the cards easily.
Cards under £ 10 will not be scanned but condition will be at least VG-EX grade, full sets also available at £ 25.00 per set.

Carreras, British Costumes 1927
Code Title Other Details Front Back  Price 
Ca3/001 A Stone Age Man  £       2.00
Ca3/002 Saxon Royal Lady  £       1.00
Ca3/003 Lady of 1066-1087  £       1.00
Ca3/004 1087-1100  £       1.00
Ca3/005 A maiden in the reign of Henry I  £       1.00
Ca3/006 A Citizen in the Reign of Edward II  £       1.00
Ca3/007 A Noble Lady in the reign of Edward III  £       1.00
Ca3/008 A Gentleman of the reign of Henry IV  £       1.00
Ca3/009 A Fop of Reign of Henry V  £       1.00
Ca3/010 A Lady of Rank of the Reign of Henry VI  £       1.00
Ca3/011 A Young man of the Reign of Edward IV  £       1.00
Ca3/012 A Lady of Quality in the Reign of Henry VII  £       1.00
Ca3/013 A Wealthy Man of the Reign of Henry VIII  £       1.00
Ca3/014 A Dandy of the Reign of Elizabeth  £       1.00
Ca3/015 A Lady of the Court of James I  £       1.00
Ca3/016 A Cavalier of Charles I  £       1.00
Ca3/017 A Citizen's Wife at the time of Cromwell  £       1.00
Ca3/018 A Courtier of the Reign of Charles II  £       1.00
Ca3/019 A Lady of the Reign of James II  £       1.00
Ca3/020 A Beau of the Reign of William III  £       1.00
Ca3/021 A Belle of the Reign of Anne  £       1.00
Ca3/022 A Young Gallant of the Reign of George II  £       1.00
Ca3/023 A Fine Lady of the Reign of George III  £       1.00
Ca3/024 A Gentleman of the Reign of William IV  £       1.00
Ca3/025 A Demure Young Lady of the reign of Victoria  £       2.00