Card or Cards by John Baines of Bradford Back    

(Listing includes similar issues by Sharpe, City Bakeries Etc.)

I have a true passion for these cards, primarily because of the locality of the issuer and secondly for the vast quantity of minor teams he covered. For our own collection we are always willing buyers of these cards, or any similar issues. If you have any not listed here please let me have a nice scan of the front and back to help me build a full catalogued list for the enjoyment of all collectors. If you use these scans elsewhere please give a credit to my own site for the initial supply, thats all I ask in return. I will be adding to these pages monthly with a view to holding at least 1200 different images so please keep calling back.

J. Baines Ltd of Manningham, Bradford began producing collectors cards in 1887. Rugby, Football (Soccer), Golf and Cricket were the mainstays. However, even school football got a look in!  Sold in packets of six, the cards were avidly collected by generations of schoolboys. Baines encouraged the obsession by offering prizes to the person who returned the largest number of cards to his North Parade base. The craze hits its zenith in the 1919-20 era when a staggering 13.5m cards were sold across the North and Scotland. Baines retired when he sold his business to a Barnsley concern in the early 1920s.

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Abertillery Airdrieonians (Green/Red) Airdrieonians (Green/Yellow) Alfreton & Normanton Arbroath Ashton Town
Abertillerymini.jpg (6531 bytes) Airdrieoniansmini.jpg (6302 bytes) Airdrieonians2mini.jpg (6944 bytes) Alfretonmini.jpg (6884 bytes) Arbroathmini.jpg (6616 bytes) Ashton Townmini.jpg (7355 bytes)
Askam (Gold/Green) Askam (Gold/Red) Askam (Red) Aspul Aston Villa At Stud
Askammini.jpg (7760 bytes) AskamRedmini.jpg (7200 bytes) AskamRedWellTrippedmini.jpg (7321 bytes) Aspulmini.jpg (7763 bytes) Aston Villamini.jpg (6204 bytes) At Studmini.jpg (6848 bytes)
Auckland Avignon Ballin-a-Dee Barnsley Barnsley 2 Barnstaple (G. Thomas)
Aucklandmini.jpg (6855 bytes) Avignonmini.jpg (7115 bytes) Ballinadeemini.jpg (6531 bytes) Barnsleymini.jpg (7210 bytes) Barnsley2mini.jpg (6487 bytes) Barnstaplemini.jpg (7374 bytes)
Batley (Davies) Batley Bessbrook Bingley Town (Red) Bingley Town (Mauve) Birkenhead Park

(P.R. Clauss)

BatleyDaviesmini.jpg (7392 bytes) Batleymini.jpg (7103 bytes) Bessbrookmini.jpg (7123 bytes) BingleyTownmini.jpg (6632 bytes) BingleyTown2mini.jpg (7337 bytes) Birkenhead Parkmini.jpg (6634 bytes)
Birkenhead Park (Green/Red) Birkenhead Park (Green/Blue) Birstal Bishop Auckland Blackburn Rovers Blackley
BirkenheadPark2mini.jpg (6620 bytes) BirkenheadPark3mini.jpg (5959 bytes) Birstalmini.jpg (6934 bytes) Bishop Aucklandmini.jpg (6922 bytes) Blackburn Roversmini.jpg (8137 bytes) Blackleymini.jpg (6210 bytes)
Blackpool (Soccer) Blackpool Bohemians (J.M'Donnell) Bolton Villa Wanderers Bondgate Bowling
Blackpoolmini.jpg (6991 bytes) Blackpool2mini.jpg (7288 bytes) Bohemiansmini.jpg (6652 bytes) Bolton Villa Wanderersmini.jpg (7991 bytes) Bondgatemini.jpg (7306 bytes) Bowlingmini.jpg (8090 bytes)
Bowling (J. Woodrut) Bowling (H. Lloyd) Bowling (J. Mitchell) Bowling (Gold/Brown) Bowling (Gold/Green) Bowling (Green)
BowlingWoodrutmini.jpg (6197 bytes) BowlingLloydmini.jpg (6700 bytes) BowlingMitchellmini.jpg (7032 bytes) BowlingGoldmini.jpg (7798 bytes) BowlingGoldGreenmini.jpg (7701 bytes) BowlingGreenmini.jpg (7137 bytes)
Bradford (T.H. Dobson) Bradford Bradford (T.H. Dobson)

Play Up

Bradford (Jenkinson) Bradford (Surman) Bradford (Gold/Green)
Bradfordmini.jpg (8213 bytes) BradfordRosemini.jpg (7364 bytes) BradfordDobsonmini.jpg (7827 bytes) BradfordJenkinsonmini.jpg (7465 bytes) BradfordSurmanmini.jpg (6527 bytes) BradfordGoldmini.jpg (7130 bytes)
Bradford (T. Broadley) Bradford City Reserves Bradford St. Columbas Brentwood Bridgewater Albion F.C. Brimington
BradfordBroadleymini.jpg (6746 bytes) BradfordCityReservesmini.jpg (6789 bytes) BfdStColumbasmini.jpg (6155 bytes) Brentwoodmini.jpg (7813 bytes) Bridgewater Albion Fmini.jpg (6705 bytes) Brimingtonmini.jpg (7188 bytes)
Burnley Burton on Trent Bury Buzzlers Cambridge (C.M. Wells) Cardiff
Burnleymini.jpg (6425 bytes) Burton on Trentmini.jpg (7887 bytes) Burymini.jpg (7305 bytes) Buzzlersmini.jpg (7551 bytes) Cambridgemini.jpg (7562 bytes) Cardiffmini.jpg (6309 bytes)
Church Hill Churchyard Clayton Clayton (Gold/Green) Cliftonville (J. Barron) Cloghoppers
Church Hillmini.jpg (7998 bytes) Churchyardmini.jpg (7486 bytes) Claytonmini.jpg (8919 bytes) ClaytonGoldGreenmini.jpg (8187 bytes) Cliftonvillemini.jpg (6602 bytes) CloghoppersGoldBlackmini.jpg (7707 bytes)
Crompton (John Henry) Bradford Crosby De Beers (J. Brown) Devonshire Distillery Dublin University

(R. Johnston) Irish Team

cromptonmini.jpg (5982 bytes) Crosbymini.jpg (7602 bytes) DeBeersmini.jpg (6476 bytes) Devonshiremini.jpg (7456 bytes) Distillerymini.jpg (7400 bytes) Dublin Universitymini.jpg (6641 bytes)
Dukinfield Dunedin (Gold/Blue) Dunedin (Red) Dumbarton Eastmoor Elland
Dukinfieldmini.jpg (7177 bytes) Dunedinmini.jpg (7940 bytes) DunedinRedmini.jpg (6997 bytes) Dumbartonmini.jpg (5435 bytes) Eastmoormini.jpg (4984 bytes) Ellandmini.jpg (8256 bytes)
England (C.M. Wells) Everton Featherstone Fetts Loretto Fleet (Gold/Black) Fleet (Gold/Green)
Englandmini.jpg (6679 bytes) Evertonmini.jpg (6859 bytes) Featherstonemini.jpg (7791 bytes) Fetts Lorettomini.jpg (5994 bytes) FleetGoldBlackmini.jpg (7832 bytes) FleetGoldGreenmini.jpg (6921 bytes)
Floppers (Gold/Black) Floppers (Gold/Green) Floppers (Green) Frodsham Gainsborough Gobbers
FloppersGoldBlackmini.jpg (7596 bytes) FloppersGoldGreenmini.jpg (6607 bytes) FloppersGreenmini.jpg (7241 bytes) Frodshammini.jpg (7893 bytes) Gainsboroughmini.jpg (6490 bytes) Gobbersmini.jpg (7666 bytes)
Gobbers (Gold/Black) Gobbers (Gold/Green) Gobbers (Red) Gobstoppers (Gold/Black) Gobstoppers (Gold/Green) Gobstoppers (Red)
GobbersGoldBlackmini.jpg (7621 bytes) GobbersGoldGreenmini.jpg (7216 bytes) GobbersRedmini.jpg (6892 bytes) GobstoppersGoldBlackmini.jpg (7305 bytes) GobstoppersGoldGreenmini.jpg (6671 bytes) GobstoppersRedmini.jpg (7192 bytes)
Grimsby Grimsby Town Halifax (Gold/Blue) Halifax (A. Rigg) Halifax (A. Arnold) Halifax (Gold/Green)
Grimsbymini.jpg (7723 bytes) Grimsby Townmini.jpg (6841 bytes) HalifaxGoldBluemini.jpg (8667 bytes) HalifaxRiggmini.jpg (6925 bytes) HalifaxArnoldmini.jpg (7183 bytes) HalifaxGoldGreenmini.jpg (7896 bytes)
Halifax (A. Arnold)

Play Up

Halifax Trinity Keeping Harewood Hill Side Rovers Harlequins (C.M. Wells) Harlequins (Gold/Green)
HALIFAXARNOLD2mini.jpg (6385 bytes) Halifax Trinitymini.jpg (7136 bytes) keepingmini.jpg (6512 bytes) HarewoodHillSideRoversmini.jpg (7198 bytes) Harlequinsmini.jpg (7151 bytes) HarlequinsGoldGreenmini.jpg (7556 bytes)
Head United Heckmondwike Heckmondwike Casuals (Red) Heckmondwike Casuals (Green) Heckmondwike Casuals (Gold/Green) Hem
Headmini.jpg (6825 bytes) HeckmondwikeGoldBluemini.jpg (7929 bytes) HeckmondwikeRedmini.jpg (7396 bytes) HeckmondwikeGreenmini.jpg (7092 bytes) HeckmondwikeGoldGreenmini.jpg (7084 bytes) Hemmini.jpg (7566 bytes)
Holbeck Holbeck (Gold/Blue) Holborn Hill Holmfirth Horbury Athletic Holyhead United
Holbeckmini.jpg (7929 bytes) HolbeckGoldBluemini.jpg (8516 bytes) Holborn Hillmini.jpg (6609 bytes) holmfirthredmini.jpg (7125 bytes) Horburymini.jpg (6762 bytes) Holyheadmini.jpg (7343 bytes)
Hull (Well Tripped) Hull (Now For It) Hull (C.C. Lempriere) Hunslet (Well Played) Hunslet (Play Up Multi) Hunslet (AHR Albert)
Hullwelltrippedmini.jpg (8276 bytes) HullGoldBlackmini.jpg (6951 bytes) Hullmini.jpg (7112 bytes) HunsletGoldthorpemini.jpg (7162 bytes) HunsletPlayUpmini.jpg (7850 bytes) Hunsletmini.jpg (6781 bytes)
Hunslet (Gold/Black) Hunslet (Gold/Green) Hunslet (Green) Idle Inverness Keeping
HunsletGoldBlackmini.jpg (7860 bytes) HunsletGoldGreenmini.jpg (7869 bytes) HunsletGreenmini.jpg (6938 bytes) Idlemini.jpg (7843 bytes) Invernessmini.jpg (6335 bytes) keepingmini.jpg (6512 bytes)
Kent Killarney Kingston Rovers (Hull) Lancashire Langley Lapland
Kentmini.jpg (5849 bytes) Killarneymini.jpg (6960 bytes) Kingston Roversmini.jpg (7122 bytes) Lancashiremini.jpg (6882 bytes) Langleymini.jpg (7494 bytes) Laplandmini.jpg (7519 bytes)
Leeds Leeds (Gold/Green) Leeds (Gold/Red) Leicester Leigh (Gold/Black) Leigh (Red)
Leedsmini.jpg (8083 bytes) LeedsGoldGreenmini.jpg (7717 bytes) LeedsGoldRedmini.jpg (7562 bytes) Leicestermini.jpg (7326 bytes) LeighGoldBlackmini.jpg (8252 bytes) LeighRedmini.jpg (6830 bytes)
Lempriere C.C. (Hull) Lincoln Liverpool Liversedge (Played) Liversedge (R. Wood) London
Lemprieremini.jpg (6066 bytes) Lincolnmini.jpg (7983 bytes) Liverpoolmini.jpg (7043 bytes) LiversedgeSharpmini.jpg (6849 bytes) Liversedgemini.jpg (6986 bytes) Londonmini.jpg (6518 bytes)
London Scottish (Blue) London Scottish

(J. Gowans) A Goal

London Scottish (Multi) London Scottish

(J. Gowans) Pass Oot

London Scottish (R.G. MacMillan) London Scottish (Gold/Green)
London ScottishBluemini.jpg (8045 bytes) London ScottishGowansGoalmini.jpg (6933 bytes) London ScottishMultimini.jpg (7100 bytes) London ScottishGowansmini.jpg (7553 bytes) London ScottishMacmillanmini.jpg (7460 bytes) London ScottishGoldGreenmini.jpg (7839 bytes)
Longwood Magdala Manchester Manningham Manningham (Lorimer) Manningham (Multi)
Longwoodmini.jpg (6880 bytes) Magdalamini.jpg (7774 bytes) Manchestermini.jpg (7587 bytes) Manninghammini.jpg (7666 bytes) MamminghamLorimermini.jpg (8295 bytes) Manninghammultimini.jpg (7779 bytes)
Manningham (Pickles) Manningham

(J. Sunderland)

Manningham (Red) Melville Middlesex Millom (Gold/Green)
MamminghamPicklesmini.jpg (7274 bytes) MamminghamSunderlandmini.jpg (7367 bytes) ManninghamRedmini.jpg (6702 bytes) Melvillemini.jpg (5682 bytes) Middlesexmini.jpg (7013 bytes) MillomGoldGreenmini.jpg (7936 bytes)
Millom (Brown) Monkstown Montahle Morecambe Moreton Morley
Millommini.jpg (7552 bytes) Monkstownmini.jpg (7333 bytes) Montahlemini.jpg (7127 bytes) morecambemini.jpg (7973 bytes) Moretonmini.jpg (7186 bytes) Morleymini.jpg (7336 bytes)
Moseley (J.F. Byrne) Mossley (J.F. Bryne) Mump Rangers Neath (Gold/Green) Neath (Blue) Neath
Moseleymini.jpg (8444 bytes) Mossleymini.jpg (8091 bytes) Mumpmini.jpg (7170 bytes) NeathGoldGreenmini.jpg (8069 bytes) NeathBluemini.jpg (7670 bytes) Neathmini.jpg (6527 bytes)
Nelson Newby Park Newport (Gould) Newport ( T.W. Pearson) New Zealand Normanton
Nelsonmini.jpg (6515 bytes) Newby Parkmini.jpg (7442 bytes) NewportHeartmini.jpg (6806 bytes) Newportmini.jpg (7450 bytes) New Zealandmini.jpg (7279 bytes) Normantonmini.jpg (7320 bytes)
Northants North Leeds Northumberland

(C. Russell)

Northumberland (Moran) Notts Notts Forest
Northantsmini.jpg (7655 bytes) North Leedsmini.jpg (7976 bytes) Northumberlandmini.jpg (6835 bytes) NorthumberlandMoranmini.jpg (7246 bytes) Nottsmini.jpg (7810 bytes) NottsForestmini.jpg (6494 bytes)
Old Boys Old Change (Gold/Black) Old Change (Red) Old Change (Green) Oldham (For Ever) Oldham (B. Lees)
Old BoysGoldmini.jpg (8013 bytes) Old ChnageGoldBlackmini.jpg (7502 bytes) Old ChangeRedmini.jpg (6997 bytes) Old ChangeGreenmini.jpg (7173 bytes) OldhamForEvermini.jpg (7134 bytes) OldhamLeesmini.jpg (7187 bytes)
Oldham (H. Varley) Oldham (Gold/Black) Oldham (Red) Get At It Oldham (Red) Play Up Openshaw White Star Otley (Green)
oldhamvarleymini.jpg (7027 bytes) oldhamgoldblackmini.jpg (7626 bytes) oldhamredmini.jpg (7078 bytes) Oldhamplayupredmini.jpg (7061 bytes) Openshawmini.jpg (5250 bytes) Otleymini.jpg (6475 bytes)
Otley (Gold/Green) Otley (Gold/Red) Parish Park Park Lane Wanderers Park Road A.F.C.


otleygoldgreenmini.jpg (7882 bytes) Otleyredmini.jpg (7296 bytes) parishmini.jpg (7244 bytes) parkmini.jpg (7188 bytes) parklanemini.jpg (7308 bytes) Park Road (7915 bytes)
Pateley Bridge Pearl (Blue Back) Pearl (Black Back) Pekin Penarth (Green) Penarth (Gold/Green)
Pateley Bridgemini.jpg (6972 bytes) PearlBluemini.jpg (9478 bytes) PearlBlackmini.jpg (9212 bytes) Pekinmini.jpg (7223 bytes) Penarthmini.jpg (7845 bytes) penarthgoldgreenmini.jpg (7432 bytes)
Penarth (Gold/Red) Penton Penycraig Plymouth Albion (Gold/Black) Plymouth Albion (Red) Pontypridd
penarthredmini.jpg (7624 bytes) pentonmini.jpg (7497 bytes) penycraigmini.jpg (7060 bytes) plymouthalbionmini.jpg (8220 bytes) plymouthalbionredmini.jpg (7053 bytes) pontypridmini.jpg (6579 bytes)
Poynton Preston North End Pull Redshaw Albion Rochdale Hornets Rockliffe (E.W. Taylor)
POYNTONmini.jpg (7461 bytes) prestonmini.jpg (7359 bytes) pullmini.jpg (7224 bytes) redshawmini.jpg (7019 bytes) Rochdale Hornetsmini.jpg (7922 bytes) Rockliffemini.jpg (7177 bytes)
Rothwell A. Rugby Runcorn (B. Langley) Runcorn Runcorn (Gold/Green) Salterhebble
rothwellmini.jpg (4886 bytes) Rugbymini.jpg (7917 bytes) Runcornmini.jpg (6935 bytes) runcornbluemini.jpg (7473 bytes) runcorngreenmini.jpg (7488 bytes) salterhebblemini.jpg (7840 bytes)
School Scotland Seaton Seaton (Gold/Blue) Seaton (Gold/Green) Sheffield United
schoolmini.jpg (7746 bytes) scotlandsillarsmini.jpg (7572 bytes) Seatonmini.jpg (7947 bytes) seatongoldbluemini.jpg (7877 bytes) seatongoldgreenmini.jpg (7389 bytes) sheffutdmini.jpg (7588 bytes)
Shipley (H. Ward)0 Sloggers (Gold/Black) Sloggers (Green) Sloggers (Red) Sloggers (Blue) Snufflers (Gold/Green)
shipleywardmini.jpg (6850 bytes) sloggersgoldblackmini.jpg (8062 bytes) sloggersgreenmini.jpg (7220 bytes) sloggersredmini.jpg (6953 bytes) Sloggersmini.jpg (8292 bytes) snufflersgoldgreenmini.jpg (6977 bytes)
Snufflers (Red) Southampton Southport Central Spring (Gold/Green) Spring (Green) Stanningley
snufflersredmini.jpg (7211 bytes) southamptonmini.jpg (8038 bytes) southportmini.jpg (7382 bytes) springgoldgreenmini.jpg (7365 bytes) springgreenmini.jpg (7217 bytes) stanningleygoldbluemini.jpg (7409 bytes)
Star St. Bernard St. Elphins (Leir Riley) St. Helens (J. Foulkes) St. Helens (J. Foulkes) Blue St. Helens (Gold/Blue)
starmini.jpg (6864 bytes) st bernardmini.jpg (6467 bytes) St. Elphinsmini.jpg (6298 bytes) St. Helensmini.jpg (6838 bytes) sthelensfoulkesmini.jpg (7069 bytes) sthelensgoldbluemini.jpg (7974 bytes)
Stockport (Bailey) Stoe St. Pauls St. Pauls (Gold/Green) St. Pauls (Red) Stockport County
STOCKPORTBAILEYMINI.jpg (6441 bytes) stoemini.jpg (8012 bytes) St. Paulsmini.jpg (7092 bytes) stpaulsgoldgreenmini.jpg (7903 bytes) stpaulsredmini.jpg (6845 bytes) stockportmini.jpg (6396 bytes)
Stoke Street Sudden Rovers Swansea Taunton (Gold/Black) Taunton (Green)
stokemini.jpg (7885 bytes) streetmini.jpg (7363 bytes) suddenroversmini.jpg (6139 bytes) swansearedmini.jpg (6854 bytes) tauntongoldblackmini.jpg (8033 bytes) tauntongreenmini.jpg (7034 bytes)
Taunton (Red) Teeside Thornton Rangers Town Tyldesley Tynedale
tauntonredmini.jpg (6995 bytes) teesidemini.jpg (7275 bytes) thorntonmini.jpg (8682 bytes) Townmini.jpg (7626 bytes) tyldesleymini.jpg (6908 bytes) tynedalemini.jpg (8063 bytes)
Ulverston (Gold/Black) Ulverston (Gold/Blue) Ulverston (Gold/Green) Ulverston (Red) Jump on Em Ulverston (W. Hall) Ulverston (Red) Well Kicked
ulverstongoldblackmini.jpg (7571 bytes) ulverstongoldbluemini.jpg (8559 bytes) ulverstongoldgreenmini.jpg (7851 bytes) ulverstonredjumponemmini.jpg (6917 bytes) Ulverstonmini.jpg (7220 bytes) ulverstonredwellkickedmini.jpg (6840 bytes)
University Ville Wakefield (Blue) Wakefield Wanderers Warrington (J. Jolley)
universitygreenmini.jpg (7464 bytes) villemini.jpg (7138 bytes) Wakefieldmini.jpg (7519 bytes) wakefieldwaltonmini.jpg (8058 bytes) wanderersmini.jpg (7243 bytes) warringtonmini.jpg (6931 bytes)
Watsonians (R.Welsh) Red/Blue Watsonians (R. Welsh) Multi Colour Weaste Wellington (Blue) Wellington (Red) West Brom
Watsoniansmini.jpg (8070 bytes) watsonianswelshmini.jpg (7596 bytes) weastemini.jpg (6458 bytes) Wellingtonmini.jpg (8111 bytes) wellingtonredmini.jpg (7000 bytes) westbrommini.jpg (7667 bytes)
West Manchester (Shield) West Manchester (Rosette) Westmorland West of Scotland Weston-Super-Mare Whittington Exchange
West Manchestermini.jpg (8620 bytes) westmanchestermini.jpg (6768 bytes) westmorlandmini.jpg (7287 bytes) westofscotlandmini.jpg (7725 bytes) westonsupermaremini.jpg (7819 bytes) whittingtonmini.jpg (6200 bytes)
Whitwood Widnes (Well Played) Widnes (Held) Wigan (J.R. Jago) Wigan (Gold/White) Wigan (Green)
whitwoodmini.jpg (7108 bytes) widnesmini.jpg (7505 bytes) widnesheldmini.jpg (7160 bytes) WiganJagomini.jpg (7353 bytes) Wiganmini.jpg (6232 bytes) wigangreenmini.jpg (7445 bytes)
Wigan (Red) Wigan (W. Halliwell) Wollongong Wolloppers (Blue) Wolloppers (Gold/Green) Wolloppers (Red)
wiganredmini.jpg (7153 bytes) wiganhalliwellmini.jpg (6588 bytes) wollongongmini.jpg (6947 bytes) Wollopersmini.jpg (7173 bytes) wolloppersgoldgreenmini.jpg (6995 bytes) wolloppersredmini.jpg (6963 bytes)
Wolverampton W Worksop Worksop (G.C. Rawshaw) Wyke (G. Hird) Wyke & Norwood Green York
wolvesmini.jpg (6556 bytes) Worksopmini.jpg (7445 bytes) worksopheartmini.jpg (7634 bytes) Wykemini.jpg (6623 bytes) wykeandnorwoodmini.jpg (6833 bytes) yorkmini.jpg (7491 bytes)
Yorkshire College          
Yorkshire Collegemini.jpg (7831 bytes)          

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