Cards by John Baines of Bradford

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Today 9/12/2005 I have found the most interesting Baines card I've ever seen , it is in poor order but every picture tells a story. In my collection and many others I've seen, the cards can sometimes be found in very poor order, i.e. rough edges and very tatty.

According to this card the children of the era played a game called "Whos nearest", with....yes you've guessed it.....Baines Cards. The picture clearly shows the children throwing Baines's against a wall and then bouncing back onto the pavement. The card is rough with all the edges damaged like some others I've seen, they tend to be either perfect straight from the packet or dog eared as per the above explanation.

Today 5/3/2009 I found out some new research on Baines cards, the original cards carried John Baines Ltd and Manningham as the address, this was then followed by 63 (Typo ?), 65, 68 & also 72 Carlisle Road often with the Ltd dropped , then 15 North Parade with and without Ltd, then 32 & 34 Oak Lane, then 48 Nelson Road Gillingham and then finally in 1921 we find George Yard Barnsley. This last address is where the quality of print and content dropped dramatically, probably down to old used plates and dies. We have found cards on extra thick card stock (really thick !) and also paper thin stock, the former was probably the cause for the blunted dies clearly evident in 1921-2. The Ltd address was also used again on most of the Barnsley issued cards, I would appreciate any further technical info on this process and I assume this was the main reason for the sudden demise of the cards. Any help would be gratefully received regarding dates or finer details. Did they have rep's sample books, were they catalogued, does anyone have proofs, plates or dies, even pictures of the firms processes. Do you have billheads, invoices or evidence of how they were marketed, did they produce fliers or posters, counter displays, serious researcher needs your help ?

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